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Cronara Rules

All players have to respect the following code of conduct, so-called "Server Rules".
As with everything, common sense is necessary. Please note that these rules may change at any time.

[Rules on Cronara]

Category Rules

1. Public Chat

  • a) Spamming: “Excessively repeating identical or similar statements or using badly formatted or nonsensical text.”.
  • b) Help chat is restricted to answer questions. It should be used for any questions regarding game mechanics, quests, items, addons, mounts, account questions, updates and so on. It is clear that the channel should be used for questions. Any player who uses help for other purposes, such as complaint, discussion, jokes, spam, sale, advertisement, etc., and is seen by a tutor or staff member, in addition to receiving a mute will be banned from the account used.
  • c) Its forbidden mention names of other servers, will be considered disclosure.
  • d) Its forbidden use channel Guild Leaders for trading.

  •  Gameplay

    2. Blocking Areas

  • a) Its forbidden block other players from entering or leaving boats.
  • b) Its forbidden block access to Quests using MC (you can block without mc).
  • c) Its forbidden block access to Bosses using MC (you can block without mc).

  • 3. Gamemasters

  • a) Threatening a gamemaster because of his actions or position as a gamemaster.
  • b) Pretending to be a gamemaster or to influence the decisions of a gamemaster.
  • c) Intentionally providing wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster concerning their inquiries or making false reports about rule violations.

  • 4. Hacking

  • a) HACK LINK will be considered any site published in the game, except the official site ( and the tibia fansites.

  • 5. Names

  • a) Names containing words referring to administration (ex. "ADM", "GOD", "CM", "GM", "TUTOR", "SUPPORT", "STAFF").

  • 6. Trade/Sale of Virtual Content

  • a) Prohibited the sale, purchase or exchange of coins/characters/crystal coins (money in general) using as currency of exchange real money ($, R$, ...).

  • PS. If you violate the rule above, it may result in the removal of your belongings (items, money, etc.) or you may have your account banned.

    7. Personal Data

  • a) Everyone has the right to privacy. For this reason, the only person who can share data about himself is the person himself. This means that no server player can disclose data such as real name, address, phone number, credit card number, email address etc. This also includes a ban on sharing data from your brother or a close friend.

  • 8. False Report/Information

  • a) You are most welcome to use our reporting channels and our automatic ctrl+z system, but you cannot abuse them to distribute clearly wrong information. In no way may you give wrong information with the intention of harming other players or escaping justified punishment. Keep in mind that if a statement is reported, not only this statement, but also several statements before and after are transmitted to us.
  • b) Giving false informations or unofficial information to gamemasters or players in order to harm the server, is prohibited (a gm will verify the information and apply the punishment if necessary).

  • 10. Free Items

  • a) It is forbidden to throw large amounts of money or items for free on the floor (as punishment, the player can have the balance cleaned or account banned).

  • 11. Attack DDoS

  • a) It is totally forbidden (and boring) to attack players on the server, if there is enough evidence the attacker will have his account banned.

  • 12. Games Disclosure

  • a) It is forbidden to mention the name of other servers in public, private or cast chats. It will be considered disclosure!
    b) The rule does not apply to the global, the player can mention the global name without problems.

  • 13. Offensive Statement (Racist)

  • a) Cronara is an international game where people from all over the world meet and communicate. Naturally, statements made to insult or mock a certain country or its inhabitants are not tolerated in Cronara. The same goes of course for a certain nation or ethnic group.

  •  Bug Abuse

    Bug abuse

  • a) Exploiting obvious errors of the game: A bug is an obvious error of our server, which is surely not intended to be that way - for example if the fire wave of dragons would suddenly heal you instead of damaging you, or if an NPC sells a certain rune for a much lower price than all other NPCs. If you abuse any obvious game error, e.g. by buying hundreds of backpacks of these cheap runes, your account will be most likely punished for it. Note that already a statement in which you admit that you have abused an obvious error may lead to a punishment.

  •  Punishments


    For violating any rule seted here, the player will be punished.

    If your account or one of your characters has been punished, you will find an entry in your criminal record when you try to enter the game. There you can read the reason and the duration of the punishment.
    Note: The ban has no prior notice.

    Have fun in Cronara!
    Cronara Team
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