A totally exclusive system where the leader can choose from several options:

Bet money
Enable/disable specific runes
Enable/disable specific spells
Duration of war
Enable/disable new arrows
Enable/disable new potions
Choose between 15 different areas
Enable/disable runes/ammunitions infinites (potions not included)
Enable/disable critical hits
Enable/disable mana/hp leech
Maximum amount of players for each team
Enable/disable anti-push very fast (bot cases)
Delay to pull SSA/Rings
Exhausted for WPE (in seconds)
Max level allowed
Frag limit

[Easy Commands]
  • !citywar invite, guild
  • !citywar enter
  • !citywar accept
  • !citywar cancel (if the war is already in progress, who cancels loses the money wagered)
  • !citywar end (if the war is already in progress, the canceler loses the money wagered)

  • Contentbox headline
    Monster Pedestal Box

    Use XP Boosts!

    1- Roman
    1+ 71782596, EK
    2- Ladnav
    2+ 71508942, RP
    3- Zero
    3+ 51171127, ED
    4- Texas
    + 51112707, RP
    5- Jayy
    + 47986899, EK