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Donation Rules
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Donation Rules
We inform players and contributors that the Cronara it has no financial interest. All income earned is reapplied for server maintenance. This means that by making a donation, you are ensuring stability and increasing the quality of it.

The points that are passed on to the donor players represent nothing but our bonus, that is, you are not buying points but receiving a symbolic bonus (in point form) that benefits you within the game; you can use your points any way you like.

The spirit of this system is simple: in order to get closer to the players and make you feel at home, we understand your donation as a two-way street for credibility. Believing that it is worth investing in server maintenance, we invest in you by crediting you with points, which as I said earlier, can be used in whatever way suits you best.

By donating to Cronara, you understand and accept the following conditions:

1.1 The donor is aware that the donation cannot be returned, he accepts that he is not buying but donating, and as a bonus we will add Coins (virtual item) to the donor account.

1.3 It is the players duty to be safe, our team will not be responsible for hacking or lost items within the game. The account is the sole responsibility of the player. It is extremely important that you register your account with a Recovery Key to increase your protection.

1.4 Fraudulent payments are a violation of our terms and a crime. If you make a fraudulent payment, all your accounts will be permanently blocked without notice and we will report any information we have about you.

-How to donate?
Click on the button "Continue" and follow all procedures to make your donation.

Termos de doação
I accept the terms and wish to proceed.
Be aware of the donation terms before proceeding!

Monster Pedestal Box

Trade Coins!

1- Roman
1+ 75494976, EK
2- Ladnav
2+ 73971924, RP
3- Zero
3+ 54563627, ED
4- Texas
+ 51112707, RP
5- Jayy
+ 49927819, EK